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Building a career that works


Diane Smets


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* Do you have a feeling of not being in control in your job?
* Are you bored with your current professional activities?
* Have you been struggling to get ahead in your career?
* Do you feel dissatisfied with the value you can add in your professional occupation?
* Have you got a feeling of being like a fish out of water amongst your colleagues?
* Do you come home at night feeling completely drained from your day’s work?
* Are you thinking regularly that your talents are not put to the best use or not put to use at all?
* Do you feel like you are making too little progress?
* Do you feel overwhelmed by the speed of everything?
* Do you experience that things are too easy, not challenging enough, not satisfying enough?
* Are you unsure of the career decisions you have taken?
* Do you feel like you are not doing what you are meant to be doing with your life?
* Do you feel like the team that you are leading is not functioning optimally?
* Do you think your organization could add more value than it is currently doing?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, this book is intended for you. Many people were taught to plan their life day by day. They were taught to plan their future based on what they had learned so far. They are living their lives based on what they know, what they can understand, and on what they have already experienced. By always looking in the rear mirror to decide where to go next, you are certain to not go very far and in the worst
case to end up in a collision.

Building a Career That Works aims at helping you to understand all the insights you need to have in order to bring yourself more quickly to self-realization and make it easier for you to achieve success. It will help you stretch your belief in what you think your potential is to achieve excellence in life. It is intended to help you establish thought processes and solid plans to develop to a maximum the undiscovered potential that exists hidden inside you. The book is intended to challenge your beliefs about your potential and to explore the limits to your possibilities in life. You will be offered powerful metaphysical insights combined with successfully applied concepts of talent management and
personal development. You will find that there are extremely efficient ways, which will vastly increase the likelihood of success and speed up the process.
The book will help you to make the right choices and discover new things about yourself. It will help you to understand what types of jobs and what work level are best suited for your type of personality…

Diane Smets has more than 25 years of experience in large companies (e.g. Exxon Chemical, Huntsman, Johnson Controls…).
Through the senior hr management and coaching roles she fulfilled, she experienced and steered the development of many people who have leadership roles in organizations today. Building a Career That Works is based on her wide experience, a lot of research and study and her own personal development journey. The purpose is to help as many people as possible to synchronize their thinking, feeling and knowing with their professional activities.

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